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Tutorial Template

:::Text on a path using Photoshop CS/CS2:::
Step 1 Opening a new file  

A very cool feature in Photoshop CS/CS2 is the ability to have text follow a predetermined path.

Note: Unfortunately, there is NOT a "text on a path" feature in previous versions of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

{figure 1a} Open a new file by pressing Control N.

{figure 1b} Select the PEN tool from the toolbox.

Step 2 Drawing the path

{figure 2a} Be sure that the Paths icon is selected in the options bar. You may also select the FREEFORM PEN tool from the options bar to create your path "freeform".

{figure 2b} Draw a path on your layout by clicking and dragging your mouse.

Step 3 Typing along the path

{figure 3a} Select the TEXT tool from the toolbox and place your mouse cursor right on the path. The I-beam will change from having a dotted square around it to having a small diagonal line through it.

{figure 3b} Type your text; it will automatically follow the curve of the path!

Note: The path will not show when you print or save your image.

:::Copyright Shabby Princess Designs 2006:::
{Tutorial written by Jasmine Low}
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