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Tutorial Template

:::Creating rounded corners using Digital Image Pro:::
Step 1 Selecting the shape  

{figure 1a} While working on your project, open the image you want to use. Make sure you can see it in the Files Palette along with your project.

{figure 1b} In the menu bar, select Insert>Shape. Select the rounded corner square shape.

Step 2 Resizing

{figure 2a} For a perfect square with rounded corners, be sure to drag the corner resize handles until the square is the size you want.

{figure 2b} This is what happens if you drag a middle handle instead of a corner- it becomes distorted. (Step 5 will show you how to create a rectangle with rounded corners).

Step 3 Filling the shape

{figure 3a} In the menu bar, select Effects>Fill with Texture or Color.

{figure 3b} Select the picture option (mine looks like an apple).

Step 4 Filling the shape (cont.)

{figure 4a} In the Files Palette, double click on the image you want to fill the shape with. Follow the prompts to resize or move the image.  Click Done.

{figure 4b} Voila! You have a square with perfectly rounded corners! 

Step 5 Creating a rectangle

{figure 5a} To create a rectangle instead, make one rounded corner square as shown above. Before filling, duplicate the shape as many times as you'd like by pressing Control D. After each duplication, arrow each shape to the right using your keyboard, making sure that each shape overlaps the shape before it.

{figure 5b} Group the shapes together. While holding down the control key, select all of the shapes. Then lock the shapes together by selecting the group objects icon.

{figure 5c} Voila! Now you have a rectangle with perfectly rounded corners! Fill with color or texture as detailed above.

:::Copyright Shabby Princess Designs 2006:::
{Tutorial written by Kim Hendricks}
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