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Tutorial Template

:::Creating a Piece-a-Cake album using PSE/PS:::
Watch the VIDEO version of this tutorial right here: Video Tutorial: Creating a Piece-a-Cake album using PSE/PS
Step 1 Opening a new file  

{figure 1a} Click on the curled page icon to open a new file. (PS users click control N.) You will eventually need to do this for each page you wish to create.

{figure 1b} Enter the dimensions that you want your printed page to be. Be sure to keep in mind the size of your album pages and if you would like your printed pages to be the same size or slightly smaller. Enter the other values as shown. For more information on assembling your album after you are finished with the software portion, click here:
album assembly instructions

Step 2 Opening a piece-a-cake png file

{figure 2a} Click on the folder icon. (PS users click control O.)

{figure 2b} Navigate to where your album is saved- double-click on it. Double-click on one page of the album. (You may need to click on the cascade windows icon in the upper righthand corner to see both windows.)

{figure 2c} Select the move tool.

{figure 2d} While holding the SHIFT key, click and drag the album page over to the blank page. If the album page is not perfectly centered on the blank page, click the undo icon and try again. (PS users click edit undo.) Close the original album page.

Step 3 Adding your photos

{figure 3a} To add photos, click on the folder icon again (PS users click control O.)

{figure 3b} Navigate to the folder where you have your photos stored that you want to use. While holding control, click on 3 photos; click open. Drag all 3 photos onto the page; close the originals.

{figure 3c} In the layers palette, drag the album layer above all 3 photo layers.

Step 4 Resizing, moving, and rotating photos

{figure 4a} Click on the big photo layer; click on the eye next to the other 2 layers to hide them.

{figure 4b} On the page, drag the photo under the big opening. To resize it smaller, click control T. Click control minus once or twice if part of bounding box is hiding. While holding the SHIFT key, drag a corner of the photo in. (To keep the photo centered, hold onto both the alt key AND the shift key.) To move the photo again, click on the move tool. Click enter when finished. (PSE users may click green check mark in top options bar.)

{figure 4c} Repeat for other 2 photos. In the layers palette, click on a layer to make active and click on the eye to unhide it. To rotate a photo, click control T. Hover near a corner until rounded arrow pops up- then drag it to rotate. Click enter.

{figure 4d} If one photo is overlapping another, click on the eraser tool.

{figure 4e} In the options bar, click on the arrow as shown.

{figure 4f} Choose a hard, round brush.

{figure 4g} Start erasing. Use left and right bracket keys [ ] to make eraser smaller and bigger.

Step 5 Adding type

{figure 5a} Click on the type tool

{figure 5b} In the options bar, choose your font, size, and color.

{figure 5c} On the page, click on the circle. Type a letter and click enter.

{figure 5d} Click on the move tool.

{figure 5e} In the layers palette, drag the type layer to the top. If needed, center letter and then resize (control T; holding shift and alt while dragging).

{figure 5f} To create a journaling box, click on the type tool. Click on the page and drag the box out. In the options bar, choose your font, size, and color. Start typing. Click enter.

Yay- you did it! One more thing left to do- save your work! Steps 6-8 will show you how to save a layered file, a file for web sharing, and a file for printing.

Step 6 Saving a layered file

{figure 6a} You will want to save a layered file (.PSD) in case you need to make changes later.
Click File>Save As.

{figure 6b} Click Save.

Usually I do not wait this long to save my layered file. I usually try to save as I go- just in case my computer or software decides to shut down. I don't want to lose all of my hard work!!!

Step 7 Saving a file for web sharing (optional)

{figure 7a} Click on Layer>Flatten Image

{figure 7b} Click on Image>Resize>Image Size

{figure 7c} Change resolution to 72. Click OK.

{figure 7d} Click File>Save for Web.

{figure 7e} Be sure file format is set to JPEG. Click on arrow as shown and click on optimize to file size. I always choose 100K. click OK.

{figure 7f} I always add "web" to the end of the file name that I save for web viewing.

Step 8 Saving a file for printing

Click undo to get back to layered file. Always doublecheck to be sure you aren't saving your flattened layers as a .PSD file!

{figure 8a} Click on Layer>Flatten Image

{figure 8b} (Optional) To make album page smaller, click on Image>Resize>Image Size. Change width only- height will change automatically. Click OK.

{figure 8c} I always add "print" to the end of the file name that I save for printing. From the format menu, choose JPEG. Click Save.

{figure 8d} For the quality, I always choose 10. For the Format Options, I choose Baseline ("Standard").

:::Copyright Shabby Princess Designs 2006:::
{Tutorial written by Laurie Garza}
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