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Tutorial Template

:::Loading and using a brush using PSE/PS:::
Watch the VIDEO version of this tutorial right here: Video Tutorial: Loading and using a brush using PSE/PS

Learn how to turn a .png file into a brush right here: Tutorial: Turning a png file into a brush
Step 1 Selecting the brush tool  

{figure 1} Click on the brush tool in the toolbox or B for the keyboard shortcut. (PS Elements Users: be sure that the regular brush is selected in the options bar. Photoshop users: the brush may be hiding behind the pencil tool, if so- just click the tiny black arrow to reveal it.)

Step 2 Loading a brush

{figure 2a} Click on the down arrow in the options bar.

Click on the right arrow to view the flyout menu; choose Load Brushes. (Photoshop users: choose Replace Brushes- otherwise brushes will just be added to current brush library.)

{figure 2b} Navigate to where your brush is saved.

Select the brush library that you wish to load; click load.

Step 3 Using a brush

{figure 3a} Select the brush that you wish to use (in this case there is only one in this library).

{figure 3b} With your layout already open, click on the "Create a new layer" icon in the layers palette. ( In Photoshop Elements this icon is at the top of the layers palette, in Photoshop it is at the bottom.)

{figure 3c} Click once on your layout to use your brush as a stamp. Use the left and right bracket keys on your keyboard to resize the brush smaller or bigger.

You will want to create a new layer every time you "stamp" a brush so that each of them may be moved independently of the others later on.

{figure 3d} To change the color of a brush, click on the foreground color in the toolbox.

{figure 3e} Choose a color; click OK.

{figure 3f} Have fun!!!

:::Copyright Shabby Princess Designs 2006:::
{Tutorial written by Laurie Garza}
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