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Tutorial Template

:::Leaving a portion of a photo in color using PS/PSE:::
Step 1 Getting started  

Using a gradient map, together with an adjustment layer, is an excellent way to isolate certain portions of a photo in color while leaving the rest of the photo black and white.

{figure 1a} Open the image that you would like to modify.

{figure 1b} In the toolbox, set the foreground/background color palette to default (black and white) by pressing D.

Step 2 Creating an adjustment layer

{figure 2a} At the bottom of the layers palette (top in PSE), click on the little black and white circle to create an adjustment layer; choose Gradient Map.

{figure 2b} Click OK. (The image will now look black and white because a Gradient Map layer has been created above it.)

Step 3 Selecting the brush tool

{figure 3a} Select the brush tool in the toolbox. Up in the options bar, choose a brush tip.

{figure 3b} Select the diameter of the brush. The bigger the diameter, the broader the brush. You can select a big diameter for bigger surfaces and change the diameter later for smaller details. (While brushing, you may use the left and right bracket keys [ ] to make the brush diameter smaller or bigger as needed.)

Leave the foreground color at black for now. Black is used to "erase" certain areas of the gradient map layer to reveal the color of the image below.

Step 4 Using the brush tool

Be sure that the Gradient Map layer is still active in the layers palette.

{figure 4a} Brush only over the areas where you want to reveal the color below.

{figure 4b} If you make a mistake, click on the arrow to switch the foreground to white. You may toggle back and forth between black (reveal) and white (restore) by pressing X.

By the way, the eraser tool works just the opposite of the brush tool when used on an adjustment layer- white reveals and black restores.

Step 5 Zooming in to the finish

{figure 5a} Zoom in closer to brush the edges (by pressing Z for the zoom tool).

Select a smaller brush tip for better accuracy at the edges.

{figure 5b} The final result!

:::Copyright Shabby Princess Designs 2006:::
{Tutorial written by Jasmine Low}
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