We hope this tutorial is helpful when working with our EASY as PIE layered templates :o)  We chose to include screen shots from Photoshop Elements, but please know that if you are working with Photoshop - all techniques will be very similar and easily adapted.

Our layered templates are in .PSD and/or TIFF format and we generally include drop shadows for your convenience.  You can choose to use our basic shadows (though you will often find a need to edit them depending on your element), or use your own.  Each layer will be named to help you identify everything.  Essentially, all you have to do is 'clip' your papers and photos to their respective layers.  You then use our embellishments and text layers as a guide for placement of your own elements and text.  Think of our templates as a roadmap to your finished layout :o)


So, let's get started...and HAVE FUN SCRAPPING :o)


This is simply what your screen should look like when you first open the EASY as PIE layered template in Photoshop Elements.


Open the papers you wish to work with on the layout...and place your paper ABOVE the layer in the layers palette that you want it clipped to.

Above is a closer look - in this example...we will be 'clipping' our plaid paper to the TOP PAPER STRIP.


To create a clipping mask, you simply press ALT and G (or COMMAND and G on a Mac) on your keyboard (while on the PAPER layer).  This will 'clip' the paper to the shape on the layer directly below it.  If you are working with Photoshop (not elements) - you press CONTROL and ALT and G at the same time to create a clipping mask (while on the PAPER layer).  You can also RIGHT CLICK on the PAPER layer and select CREATE CLIPPING MASK.

Above is what your layer palette will look like once the paper has been clipped to the layer below it.


AT THIS POINT - you can just continue and complete your layout - repeating this method over and over for all of the 'shape' layers.  Then...you simply bring in your favorite embellishments and place where we have shown - or be creative and add them anywhere you like.  The same is true for your title and journaling...use our template as your guide - or mix it up a little!

A couple of notes...some scrappers like to 'merge' their clipped papers and shapes together immediately...and some prefer to keep them separate for their layered .psd file (this will allow you to edit them later...change the paper, etc. - so we recommend this option).  If you keep them separate for your .psd file...you can 'link' the two layers together so that if you move them or make adjustments...they stay connected.  We will show you how to accomplish both the merge and the link below :o)


If you wish to MERGE your clipped paper layer with the shape below it, highlight or select BOTH layers and simply press ALT (or COMMAND on a Mac) and E.  You'll see that the two layers have now become one new layer. Keep in mind that if you had a drop shadow on either layer...when you merge them together - you will no longer be able to edit that drop shadow.  So, we advise that IF you are going to merge your layers...wait and apply the drop shadow after the merge.

Above, you can see that now the two layers are now merged in your layer palette.

If you wish to LINK your clipped paper layer with the shape layer below it, highlight or select BOTH layers and simply click the LOCK icon in the layer palette (palette bin) - OR - you can RIGHT CLICK and select LINK LAYERS.  You'll see that the two layers are now linked.  This way - you can move either of the layers...and they will stay together.

Above you can see the link icons on the layers :o)

Really, that's it :o)  You just continue until you are finished with your layout!  At this point, we highly saving the layout as a layered .PSD file with a new name (for example:  MyLayouts_2010_AllDressedUp.psd).  Then, you can FLATTEN YOUR IMAGE (layer -->flatten image) and save it off as a .JPG file for printing!

all finished :o)  The above layout was created mostly with the BAREFOOT collection available at the Shabby Shoppe.  There are also elements from Sprout, An Affair to Remember, Sweetie Pie and others :o)


the Shabby Shoppe

--thanks to Nicole for the PS elements screen shots--