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What is WINZIP and how do I get it?

WinZip is the software that allows you to "unpack" all of the files that are included with my kits. When you download the kits - they are all "zipped up" in a ZIP you use the WinZip software to unzip them...and then you will see all of the individual paper and element files :) You can download the evaluation version of WinZip here for free: - I'm not sure how long you can keep it for free - but I know you can at least get a free trial!

How do I download your kits?

It's pretty simple, once you get the hang of it. With any of my downloadsthere will be a link that you must follow. This will take you directly to the download itself. This is where you choose the location in which you want the file savedand then click save. After the download is completeyou'll need to find the folder on your computer and extract (with Winzip) the files. Voila - you are finished!

Where should I save the kits on my PC?

In a nutshellwherever you want - LOL! Seriously - we all have a different system when it comes to saving and organizing our files. I *personally* have a "Digi Scrapping" folder set up on my computer. I then have the names of all of the designers and/or websites that I purchase kits from. Under those folders are individual folders for each kit. Always remember that it is MUCH easier to re-name files as you download as opposed to going back and doing it later. Also, this will help you to track which designer created what when it comes time to give credit :

I'm new to digi scrappinghow do I get started? How do I create a layout?

Getting of the best places to learn everything you ever wanted to know about digi scrapping is - they have it all. There is an awesome gallery and forums section! Here is the "beginners" forum that might help out alot! There are also tutorials and even a digi scrapping school with very reasonable rates for classes!

There are also forums for each type of software (tutorials, too) and sooooo much more! If you do not have software yet - but are looking into buying a program - this is a great place to research!

EVERYONE at the site is sooo nice and helpful and there are tons of new members added daily - so you will never feel like you are the only one...and honestly - we are all learning together...I know I learn something new every day! recently added a digital section to their awesome site!! There are some wonderfully talented scrappers who 'hang out' there and they are always willing to help out!

I also use the search engine, "GOOGLE" quite often while searching for specific tutorials and techniques.

How do I resize elements and papers while maintaining the correct proportions?

This changes depending upon the software that you use. Howevermost programs have a resize or transform optionno matter how you do itgenerally speakingholding down the SHIFT key while changing the sizewill allow the paper/element/phototo maintain its proportions.

How do I use the Shabby Overlays?

All of the Shabby Overlays are in a .png file format. This format allows for a transparent background. Soyou simply open the .png file in your software program and drag it or place it over your paper or layoutyou will need to make sure it is on the TOP layer in your layoutand voila! Easy as that :

Should I use drop shadows?

This is a matter of personal preference. FOR MEwhen creating digital layouts that mimic paper layoutsI always use drop shadows. This lends itself to a more realistic look in my opinion. Remember thoughthe smaller the better. The goal is to make it look realisticso larger or "deeper" drop shadows can tend to look very digital. Just take a look at how a piece of paper looks on top of another piece of paperand remember that look is what you are going for. Obviously - elements might be a little different as their weight and thickness will affect the weight and distance of the shadow. Alsoalways keep in mind the direction of the element and the lighting source and make sure all of the shadows make sense with one another. Andthere are always times when drop shadows are not called for at all. One example would be when creating an "ad-style" layout. Most of the timethese are meant to have a sleek and flat look to them! Just don't be afraid to try new settingsyou can always UNDO!

What is dpi/ppi?

DPI = dots per inch
PPI = pixels per inch

Instead of me trying to explain it all in my very 'untechie' way - LOLI thought I would share a link with you that answers all the questions beautifully!

All Shabby Princess papers and elements are saved at 300dpi for excellent print quality!

the shabby shoppe specializes in digital scrapbooking products which can be used in digital scrapbooking, hybrid scrapping...and all kinds of crafting and creating
projects. our designs are generally a little bit shabby with lots of texture, patterns and color :o)

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