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:::general hybrid scrapbooking info and tips:::

{HYBRID SCRAPBOOKING} is combining both digital and traditional 'paper' scrapbooking in a project or layout.  It can be as simple as creating your journaling on the computer to print and add to your layout or project...and can be as involved as printing out digital papers and elements to create something 'tactile' along side your traditional scrapbooking papers, elements, alphas and stamps.  However you go about it, hybrid scrapping and crafting is FUN FUN FUN!

{PAPER} When it comes to printing digital papers and elements, HEAVYWEIGHT MATTE PHOTO PAPER is my preference.  It offers a nice weight and flat/matte surface which works well with crafting.  It gives you vibrant colors and works for photos, too.  You can also work with cardstock.  The weight is perfect for projects - however, keep in mind that it soaks up the ink and the end result will not be as vibrant as with other papers.  You can opt to adjust your intensity and colors before printing to help.  Of course, you can work with other photo papers if you wish...just give them all a try and see what you like best.

{PRINTING} Any photo quality inkjet printer will work fine.  At the Shabby Shoppe, we try to provide printables and piece-a-cake projects that work on letter size paper so they will work for just about everyone.  So, if you do not have a wide-format printer, no problem (they are wonderful, though :o)).  When printing my digital goodies, I always print on the best photo setting and make sure to select the kind of paper I am working with.

{SCORING} You may wonder why SCORING gets it's own paragraph :o)  But, once you begin creating projects, you will understand.  With most printable and hybrid projects, you will have to fold your paper at some point.  Scoring before folding makes such a huge difference.  It gives you clean and straight lines for a more finished and polished result.  It also just makes the process of folding much easier.  And, best of all - you really do not need any fancy or expensive tools for this.  Don't get me wrong, the fancy tools are great...and if you have them or wish to buy them - go for it.  But, in the end, a nice ruler and butter knife (or dull kitchen knife) will do the trick just fine.  All you have to do is make sure you do not press too hard and cut all the way through your paper...that is NOT your goal :o)  You want to just score it deep enough to allow you to fold it nicely.

{ADDING CANDY and TREATS} Just wanted to mention that when adding candy and treats to your hybrid/printable projects - it is ALWAYS best to put them in bags or wrappers first (if they are not already wrapped).  No one wants their candies to taste like printer paper or ink :o)

{THE XOXO COLLECTION} This confection collection is filled with adorable, versatile and practical 'attire' for all of your treat-giving needs! Just about everything in this set was created from the SWEETIE PIE kit available at the Shabby Shoppe. This collection is a little different from previous versions with almost everything being on ready-to-print .jpg files for you!  We include printables like these shown below.  For most items, the instructions are printed right on the print page...making it easy to complete your project!  All files are 8.5x11 .jpg printables with the exception of the GIFT BAG with WINDOW (we include this in both a ready-to-print version and a .png in the event you wish to add a photo in your graphics program) and the CIRCLE TAGS (we include these as individual .png files as well as all on one ready-to-print .jpg).

Now, here is some inspiration for you...along with a few ideas and tips :o)

This is one of the gift bags...and I just love how it turned out.  It has a 'frame' on the front side which you can either add a photo behind (in your graphics program ) - OR - cut it out after printing for a little peek-a-boo window (my favorite option).  It is super easy to do with a craft knife or good scissors.  Then, just place your treats or treat bag inside! This is the other gift bag option.  It has a journaling paper on it so that you can add a greeting or name.  This can be done either prior to printing (in your graphics program) - OR - after printing by handwriting your greeting.  On this example, I inked the edges of the bag with a dark brown ink pad and also added one of the adorable circle tags over the closure (I crumpled it a little first to add even more dimension).  I opted for Velcro tabs to close my bags (this way they can be opened and closed over and over again).
This photo shows an example of the SMALL POPCORN/CANDY CUP and the SMALL STRAWBERRIES.  Both sooooo sweet and cute.  The popcorn cup is super simple to put together...and the strawberries are just the most adorable little things ever.  They are small - but still large enough for a couple of peppermints or itty bitty treats.  Or, if you prefer not to share candy or sweets for Valentine's - you could fit some tiny little trinkets in these.  You could also just create them for 'decoration' as they are that precious! This was just FUN!  I took a little pail/bucket and filled it with the paper strawberries (which were filled with treats) and a few cookies (just for decoration).  I also added one of the CIRCLE TAGS under the ribbon.  How sweet would this be as a table decoration?
These TINY TAKE-OUT BOXES are adorable and practical.  You can add quite a bit to these and give the perfect little treat box to go!  On this one, I added a ribbon handle and one of the CIRCLE TAGS to the top as an embellishment.  Super simple to do! There is also room on this one to add a name or greeting if you like. I think this is my favorite item from this collection :o)  It is very elegant, but still totally sweet.  Again, this is a TINY TAKE-OUT BOX that I embellished with a couple of scrapbooking flowers I had lying around (one is made of felt, and the other is made of paper)...and a little button.  The perfect finishing touch.  But, you can also easily leave these boxes as they are!
Ahhhhh, who doesn't love a great little purse? :o)  This is the LARGE purse and is perfect for your little princess...or to share treats with a class, etc.  My favorite is the little ladybug on the handle.  I kept mine pretty simple, just adding a button embellishment on the closure strap (I used Velcro underneath).  This purse is large enough to hold quite a few treats or trinkets! This is another little purse and it is actually the SMALL size which is teensy and adorable.  I used buttons to attach the handle and one for 'decoration' on the closure strap (again, Velcro underneath so it can be used over and over).  This purse is the perfect size for a single cookie or a little bag of small candies. These purse templates were created by Kelleigh - you must check out her blog...and BEST OF ALL...she has a WONDERFUL tutorial for assembling your purses HERE!
This is the LARGE POPCORN/CANDY CUP and it is perfectly adorable with the hearts, ricrac and pretty plaid.  This size is so nice...I was able to fit a BUNCH of cookies and other treats!  It would also be great for lollipops!  I didn't add any additional embellishments to this one after assembling...and it literally took seconds to put together :o) This is another SMALL POPCORN/CANDY CUP...it is the same as the other except this one has a little ladybug crawling around it on each side.  How cute is it with these ladybug cookies and candies?  SWEET SWEET SWEET!
OH MY!  It really just doesn't get much cuter than these little strawberries (I could go on and on lol)!  With this XOXO CONFECTION COLLECTION, you receive printouts for three larges and three smalls.  I had the MOST fun with these!  The large size is very practical for giving small treats...and just super fun to give and receive.  To get an idea of size...the little stands that the strawberries are photographed on are CUPCAKE stands created to fit standard sized cupcakes.  With these, you can go as simple as you like with only ribbon or thread (which is needed to assemble the strawberries) - OR - you can have lots of fun by adding buttons, flowers, etc.  These would also be very cute INKED or DISTRESSED!


Last but not least...we have our little CRAYON BOXES!  These really will hold crayons (perfectly)...or candies and treats!  And, I know that THIS one sticks out like a sore thumb in this collection (I created it with the CLEMENTINE collection)...but you guys know that I try to make everything I put in the Shoppe very practical and versatile.  So, when I saw that everything was turning out VERY girlie in this collection...I knew I had to add at least ONE thing that would work for boys!  So, here we have it, he he!  Obviously, the names are not included on your printables...I just wanted to show you how cute they look personalized!  You could add the text (or greeting) before printing in your graphics program...or after printing by hand! Here is the 'girlie' version of the CRAYON BOX!  Again, so perfect for crayons or other treats.  How perfect would these be for giving out as classroom gifts...or at Church, etc.?  These come together super quick and easy, with no need for further embellishments.  So, if you need to make a bunch for the entire class or group...they are a great option.  Each one prints on one 8.5x11 piece of paper.  You could easily ink or distress the edges of these for a totally new look, too!

And, just a few more photos for inspiration :o)

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