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Thread: Help a newbie out....

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    Question Help a newbie out....

    And please be patient with me.

    So - what do you use to adhere digi lo's to cardstock? Do you use the same thing for ribbons, embellishments, etc.? We are going on vacation to Disney next week and I am already planning how to scrap it when we get back. There are SOO many realyl cute elements and stuff in the paper world that I want to incorporate into my digital lo's. So any and ALL advice is gladly accepted!! Please share for anyone that has done this.


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    Hi Sue! I use quite a few different adhesives depending on the stock or item I'm working with. I print my layouts and digi items on Matte Paper Heavyweight by Epson. I use scrapbook adhesives e-z runner vellum to adhere that and most cardstocks and papers. That seems to work well enough.

    For small chipboard items, I use Magic Scraps Scrappy Glue. It works well with medal too. I will sometimes use it for larger chipboard items but have found that tacky tape works better. Pretty much any glue which is archival safe is fine for my digi layouts. I don't use gloss paper either so signs of glue haven't shown up either. Hope that helps!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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    Wow. I've never thought of doing this. I have my digi layouts in my 8x8 book, along side my cut-paste layouts... But I dont know why, I never thought of sincerely mixing the two. (other than printing a date/name onto the photo and using it with cut-paste) I have no advice for you, but thanks for planting the seed for me.

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    I use those awful adhesive squares. I know, I know, they're a pain to use (peeling off the backing, etc.), but when my DH placed a bunch of my layouts on the wall as a surprise (covered a wall in the living room), the layouts that I didn't use the tabs with, everything fell off!

    For chipboard I use Tacky Tape or Glue Dots, depending on the width of the item.

    Good luck! I love mixing digital with paper stuff!
    Tammy Moore
    P.S. I use matte paper too, so it doesn't show my fingerprints.

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