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    This is a simple question that I should know but can't find the help in the help index. When I manually resize my photos they sometimes look funky like the proportions are off, is there a simple trick I need to include when I try to resize them? I typically just grab the corners and use the move tool to resize them.

    Also - someone did a fun LO w/ a torn piece, is this something you can do w/ PSE as well and I just need to hunt around for the tuts on the web?

    thanks in advance!!

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    Default hope this helps

    You need to go into Image then Resize then Scale - and then use the bottom right hand corner to resize and as you are doing so - hold down the shift key at the same time.

    I hope that helps you!

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    Hi! When you want to resize a photo or any item first make sure it is sellected in the "move-resize" pallette. Then simply first press your "shift key" and while holding it down click on the corner symbol and drag your item to the appropriate size. Hint-- Do not let go of your shift key until you are through dragging or the item will go all wacky again. I hope this is what you were needing.


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    Post Brilliant, it works. Thank you

    OK!!!!! It Does work, thank you for your kindless.
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