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Thread: PSE 5 Photo Image Size 72 dpi?

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    Default PSE 5 Photo Image Size 72 dpi?

    I have been putting together a Piece-A-Cake album in PSE 5. I was almost done, and then I noticed that when I open a photo in the editor, the image resolution shows up at 72 dpi, with a photo size of 42" X 32" and pixels at 3072 X 2304. When I start each page, I open a new blank 8X8 file at 300 dpi. I then open the album page (also 300 dpi) and use the move tool to move it into my new blank document. Then, I open the photo or photos and use the move tool to put them into my new document. I am just wondering why my photo dpi shows up at 72 dpi. Should I resize the image to 300 dpi before sliding it over to my new layout? Or does the photo automatically come over at 300 dpi because that was the resolution of my new blank document? I am thinking that if I don't put the photos in correctly, they will print out at a low resolution, while the rest of my album page prints out at the higher 300 dpi. Does anyone know if it is necessary to resize photos before moving them into my album page? Is there a default setting in PSE 5 that I can change to always open my photos at 300 dpi instead of 72 dpi so I do not have to do the resizing all the time? I would greatly appreciate any help on this. I am almost ready print out my 10 page album, but I'm thinking I shouldn't get them printed before I know the answers to the resolution questions I have.

    For anyone who's interested, I have found out the answer to this question. I went to the Adobe forums and posted the question. The response was that image quality is not lost by simply moving the 72 dpi photo over to the 300 dpi layout. This automatically makes the photo 300 dpi. Image quality is not lost because the 72 dpi image was so large to begin with (42" X 32") When the photo is converted to 300 dpi, it just changes to a more reasonable size of about 8" X 10". Then when you have the photo on your layout, as long as you do not adjust the size of the photo larger (by using the crop handles at the corners), and only adjust smaller there is no losss of image quality.
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