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Thread: Piece a Cake layouts....?

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    Default Piece a Cake layouts....?

    So, I'm having a ball playing with the In the Groove set - this is the first time I've scrapbooked, either digitally or paper

    I'm having a little issue though. I'm using PSP7 and when I copy the page and paste it onto my new background, the openings are black, not transparent. I got it to work on one page, but I have no idea what I did! That does leave me feeling hopeful, since I know my computer is capable, if not willing LOL!

    So, how do I fix it???


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    I am having a bit of a guess.. BUT....

    See if this is the problem -

    When you open a new canvas/image - you can choose to have it be transparent or white or the background colour...

    My guess is.. you opened it in transparant once - but it is now opening to the background colour (you have two colours on the tool bar and there is a good chance one is white and one is black.

    It isnt the end of the work.. If you dragged it over or pasted it.. it should be a new layer.. just slide the photos on the layer - and go to the layer menu (see veiw layers).. and then you can drag and drop them into order - the first one in the list is on top

    So.. try starting a new one and see what the default background is. Transparant is easy.. it should be an open in the drop down menu on the first screen (where you set the size etc)

    clear as mud?

    Email me if you need more help...
    because the boards are closing soon!

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