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Thread: Is this allowed?

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    Fae Guest

    Lightbulb Is this allowed?

    I hope it`s the right Place for my Question. I asked via Mail, but i`m sure you are busy to answer all the mails from the scrappers. I want to ask if it would be allowed to make from the free kits Cards for my friends. I`m a Cardcrafter and love to sent handwriten Card via mail to my friends and i love your kits so mutch but i wasn`t sure if i could use them for card making(not commeriall only private-you know what i mean) or if i could use them only for scrapping for my own home. I hope my Englisch could tell what i mean, i`m sorry,i`m not good in this.But i want to ask you because i don`t want to make something wrong.
    Best wishes

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    Hi Fae thanks so much for the email and post...and we actually answer all just takes me a while - LOL! receiving 100+ most days...i just can't get to them all quickly...but i try! so...i will do my best to get to yours today...but essentially - the answer is YES you can definitely use the kits to create cards to give to your friends for special occasions, etc.! it only changes if/when you are creating cards for other to give out...or charging money for them, etc. but if you just want to make birthday cards, thank you cards, congrats cards, etc. to send out to friends/family - NO PROBLEM AT ALL clear as mud? LOL! anyway - thank you again and will email soon!

    have a great day/night!
    Shabby Princess

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    Fae Guest


    Thank you so mutch for your fast answer! I`m pretty sure you have a lot of Mails every day but you have really great kits and i love them all!
    I have sent you a last mail with two questions about swaps and buying kits but this time i can truly wait I thank you so mutch that i can use your kits. I love to make handwritten Cards and your kits are the best for them so nice to print out and create Cards!!You are so talent!
    I`m really sad that i found now your great community and soon it will be closed but i can truly understand that it`s a lot work and i have bookmark your site in my favorites and will come to visit often.
    Have a great Day!
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