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    Hi all, new here, and, as always, excited about DS! Anyways... I have a bunch of kits but have a question on one part: The cool frames for pictures? The ones that can make them look old, or surrounds a point of interest? I have a bunch of them, but they never fit my photos and I need them bigger most of the time, but I am affraid of distorting them. Over the past 10 years of using PS I have gotten used to not resizing things unless they are locked as to not distort them. Can someone help me out?

    Thanks! Patti

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    Well you can usually resize any graphic while constraining it to hold the original ratios/proportions. Don't know what program you have but in either PSP or Photoshop (and I believe Photoshop elements too) you can do this. I know in PS all you have to do is hold down the shift key while you are dragging one corner using the raster deform tool. Okay at least I **think** it's the shift key. I use a tablet and know what buttons to use on it, but they aren't labeled so I've forgotten what corresponds to what on the keyboard. Well I hope this helps you!!!!

    Oh yeah and if the frame is a different proportion that the photo after making it bigger, I either crop the photo or I cheat the frame a bit if it is possible. Depending on the graphic, some of the frames can be distorted a bit without looking funny and some just can't. So that's what I do

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