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Thread: PSEv3 vs PSEv5?!!?

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    Question PSEv3 vs PSEv5?!!?

    Could anyone help me please??? At the moment I am using PSE3 and am quite happy with it. I have purchased and downloaded many additional brushes, actions, effects and custom shapes etc, which I use quite happily in PSE3.
    I am thinking about installing PSE5, however I am wondering if it will wipe out all of these extras that I have installed??? Is it a better program that allows alot more to be done??? Is it worth the change???
    Thank you

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    Default PSEv3 vs PSE5


    I am knew here..

    Hi to all...

    I was just wondering, Mandi Lee, if you got the answer you needed??

    At the moment I have neither and I am looking onto what product to get Elements or Photoshop??

    Any words of wisdom would be fantastic..



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    Hi meloo,no sorry, no answer to my question. I am still using PSE 3, and am very happy with it. Not sure if PSE5 is better???

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