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    Hubby surprised me with a Wacom graphire4 4x5 this chirstmas. Just tickled that he thought of this on his own, I never said a word. Was totally surprised. It's still not opened. I was undecided about keeping it, but it would mean so much to him if I kept it and acutally used it.

    Did a search for Wacom in the forums so I know many of you have them and like them. Can you share some more now that you've had them for a bit? Has it really replaced your mouse? Besides brush work, does it do a good job when it comes to other tools?

    It came with PS Elements3, (but I already have Elements 4, and use PSP8 for my layouts) and also Corel Painter Essentials 2, which I dont know much about. Does anyone use that program?

    Thanks much and Happy New Year!
    ~ Carolyn ~

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    My DH bought me a Graphire3 for Christmas last year and I love it! I hooked it up, put my trackball behind my desk and haven't looked back since. My tablet came with PSE3 which I also love. I used to do all of my digi scrapping with PSP8, but gave that program to DH for photo editing.
    I was like you, scared that I wouldn't like the tablet and that I'd find it hard to switch over...well I wish I'd gotten one years sooner!
    Mine also came with Painter Essentials but I'm afraid I haven't even tried it out yet (sad huh).


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    I got mine for Christmas last year and didn't use it much in the beginning. But now that I've gotten into digi-scrap designing I use it all of the time. It's so much nicer than using the mouse for detailed work.

    I can tell you one thing, there is a program out there that I love to use my wacom for... it's just fun in general. It's called artrage and the full working demo is free and never expires (well, a couple functions are disabled in the demo, but there is still alot available). It's a fun program to download if only so you get used to using your 'pen' on your wacom. Get it here:

    And you've got to check out the gallery, I was shocked and amazed at the incredible things people have created:

    My favorite part about artrage is the paintbrush tool. I have yet to try to incorporate something I've made in that program to digi-scrap but I have some ideas. Oh, and if you try to save your work you can't, you can export it as a .png and open it up in another program and save it as a jpeg or whatever you like.

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    Thanks for the info Heather. I will check out the links.
    ~ Carolyn ~

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