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Question :
I'm having trouble downloading my purchase...what do I do?
Answer :
The majority of the problems are the result of a poor or interrupted connection, software firewall, anti-virus, download manager, etc. These types of issues are more likely to occur with large downloads...but, can also show up with small files as well. It is also not uncommon to download lots of files successfully, and then have one that has issues.

So, believe it or not, download errors are somewhat common. Many times...they do not show themselves until you try to 'unzip' your file. They will generally result in a corrupted file/password request/invalid archive error message. Again - all of these are pretty common and do NOT mean that the download file itself is bad (99.9% of the time...the file you are attempting to download is perfectly fine). This just means that for some reason...the file did not download completely OR correctly to YOUR computer :)

Many times, even if it appeared that your download completed successfully, it might not have.

So – here’s how you fix this :) least it's a good start :) If you are running a personal firewall or antivirus software on your machine (i.e. Norton), please disable it just long enough to download the file. It really does work most of the time – so, please give it a try :) FIRST – be sure to delete the ‘old’ zip file from your computer and even from the recycle bin as the new file will automatically revert back to it if it is still present!

Also - it's always a good idea to make sure that you have a strong connection, etc. Of course, customers who are on dial-up will probably encounter more download issues than others. But, another culprit is wireless connections. They often experience interruptions and can result in an incomplete download. So, again - all of these are things to consider when you are experiencing problems!

If all else fails...OF customer service for further assistance :)

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