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If you have questions about the Shabby Shoppe calendars...more than likely - you will find the answer(s) here!

For the most part, the Shabby Shoppe calendars are printable projects...although you may certainly opt to keep them in a digital format as well :o)  But, for the purposes of this page...we are going to assume they are being printed and assembled.  If you are looking for information on how to complete the digital portion of your calendar, please refer to our piece-a-cake album tutorials found here.  Even though these tutorials were created for our piece-a-cake albums, the concepts are the very same as the calendars...and they should give you a great understanding of the process.  The tutorials are available for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop both screen-shot and video formats :o)  Many customers purchase and create the calendars for themselves...and many print lots of them to share with family and friends!  They do make wonderful gifts...especially for the grandparents!  So, below...we will share tips and information for finishing your calendars after the digital portion is complete.  We hope this helps and answers any questions you may have!  But, as with all creative projects...these are merely suggestions...and we hope you will feel free to try out your own ideas as make your calendars perfect for YOU :o)

Versatility!  We are always trying our very best to make our calendar products as versatile as possible.  In our effort to do this, all of our date overlays and wordart are included as separate PNG files.  This allows you to switch out months if you like - it allows you to update your calendars each year - it allows you to create your own wordart if you prefer and so on!  Also, we know that not everyone celebrates the same holidays...and not everyone has snow in January, lol - so for any 'themed' pages/months - we always try to include alternates for those.  This will always be noted on the product page and in the previews/gallery :o)

At the Shabby Shoppe, we have quite a few options when it comes to our calendar products!  We offer a ONE page calendar (can be assembled as a desk calendar or a wall calendar), a TWO page wall calendar, POSTER calendars, and a CD CASE calendar.  In addition to these...we also have adorable piece-a-cake templates for pocket calendar inserts...which allow you to create your own customized covers.  When shoppe-ing for calendars with will notice that we have several volumes of each calendar.  Basically...we release a new collection of calendars each year...but the great news is that our previously released calendars are updated each year with the new year's date you more calendar versions to choose from (we even offer some date overlays as a stand-alone product).  So, a Vol. 1 calendar is always the 'oldest' version of the respective calendar (and may be retired)...while Vol. 5 (for example) would be the most recently released option.  But again...when we release the NEW calendars...the OLD calendars are always updated with current dates :o)  Also, be sure that when you are browsing through our calendar selection at the Shabby click the link to view each individual calendar page (the link is located on the calendar's product page)!  So - here is a quick look at the five different calendars offered at the Shabby Shoppe.

Our two page wall calendar was first introduced in 2007 and quickly became the most popular version we offer!   For each month...there are TWO 11"x8.5" pages so that the 'photo' area is on the top page...and the date grid is on the bottom page - giving you a large area for both!  It really ends up giving you the feel of a 'store-bought' calendar when complete.
Our one page wall calendar happens to be my favorite version...mostly because I really prefer a 'desk' calendar...and this calendar is perfect for that (just bind on the left side instead of at the top).  Of course, it also makes a great wall calendar as well!  Each page is 8.5"x11"...and each month is entirely on one page with the photo portion taking up the top half of the page...and the date grid on the bottom. I allowed to have two favorites? LOL! Honestly...the CD case calendars are super cute, super sleek and SUPER simple :o) You can really put this calendar together in no time...and with very little expense! Basically...the calendar pages are sized to fit into a CD jewel case (slim or standard). When inverted, the CD case becomes a perfect frame to hold the calendar pages. They are wonderful gifts...I know that I give them every year and am given no option on not giving them after that - LOL! So - if you are looking for something small, quick, and easy...this one is for you!
Our poster calendars are the newest addition to our family of calendars! One 11"x 14" page gives you space for your favorite photos AND a full year calendar! So, if you are looking for a quick "year at a glance" calendar option that lets you showcase your most treasured photos with some of Shabby Princess' most popular collections - then this is the calendar for you! Our Poster Calendars are like works of art that you'll be proud to display on your wall!
When it comes to stocking stuffers...these pocket calendar cover inserts are the BEST! What grandmother would not LOVE one (or two) of these in her bag - he he! These inserts are sized to fit the inexpensive pocket planner/calendars you can find just about anywhere. All you have to do is replace the cover that was included in your planner...with the new, custom version! It could not be any easier...or any cuter! We have a great webpage that gives comprehensive instructions and tips on working with out pocket calendar inserts!
How FUN and ADORABLE are these calendar doodles? I just love them...and they work GREAT with our ONE and TWO page calendars! They are perfect for marking and remembering important dates and events each year! You can easily re-color them, make them smaller, or even 'paint' them in :o) We tried to think of everything from holidays to movie night, chores, sports, birthdays, dr. and vet appointments and more! One of my favorite ideas is to create a one page calendar each month with that month's schedule (soccer games, birthdays, dance lessons, appointments, etc.)...and then email it out to the family so that everyone is always on the same 'page' :o)  Of course, these also make fun little elements for your layouts and cards!

The question I am asked most about our calendars: WHAT TYPE OF PAPER SHOULD I PRINT ON?! So - that's why PAPER has its own section - he he! And the a nutshell...WHATEVER YOU PREFER :o)! Seriously...there are a couple of things to consider when making your paper selection. I know that for me...when I print the ONE page wall calendar (as a desk calendar)...I like to go with a heavyweight matte paper so that I can write on it with any type of pen, etc. Whereas, if you print on glossy or lustre photo will really need to write with a permanent marker (a fine tip sharpie works great) :o) Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the paper. Particularly, with the two pages calendar as there are quite a few pages...and depending on which binding method you'll want to keep in mind how heavy the final calendar will be. Finally, sometimes, I mount my calendar pages on cardstock as I like the 'finished' look that it gives...and that will add weight and structure as well. I know some customers have even printed their calendar pages directly on to cardstock. So, in the end - it is strictly your preference as most papers will work just fine. Many online printing labs are now offering 'stock' or 'press' paper for printing...and that is a great option as well!

Much like the paper selection, printing is also based on preference :o) Printing at home...OR...sending your calendar pages to a professional photo printer - both are great options. Personally - I do both! For my CD calendars, I almost always print those at home as they are small and simple and they take no time. For the two page calendars - I send those pages to a lab as there are quite a few...and that just works better for me. The good news about our calendars is that most do not require a large format printer (all are sized at 8.5"x11" or smaller with the exception of our POSTER calendars)...making it possible and easy to print at home if that is what you prefer. When it comes to sending out for prints...there are TONS of options. Personally - I have my photos/layouts/etc. printed at WHCC, most of the time. I have also worked with MPIX , and have been pleased with their quality and product options! I know many customers have theirs printed at Costco and they are thrilled with the quality and service. If you plan to have your calendars professionally bound...then print shops (i.e. Kinko's) can do the printing AND binding for you! Of course, there are many other online options as do your research and choose the one that works best for you :o)

Forgive me for being repetitive...LOL...but, how you choose to assemble your calendars is a matter of preference, too - he he! It really comes down to what you like...what works for your schedule...and your budget! As you will be able to see from the photos below...I really do not have a favorite! I have had mine professionally bound...I have bound them myself with ribbons and/or binder rings...I have even left the pages 'loose' so that each individual month could just be placed on the refrigerator or bulletin board with magnets :o) Another FUN option for our ONE page calendars is to keep the pages loose...and clip them on to a fun and embellished clipboard! Best of all - no matter how I put them together...they always turn out great! My other favorite option is to punch holes through all of the pages...thread ribbons through...and tie in knots! It really adds a lot of fun and color to the calendar! If I decide not to bind all of the pages together...and instead, keep them separate and favorite idea is to sew the calendar pages onto a piece of cardstock :o) Then, I stack all of the pages and tie with a piece of shabby ribbon! It's a perfect gift and allows you to hang just one month (page) instead of many :o) I have also had my TWO PAGE calendar printed and bound at turned out super cute and i'm quite sure that I saved money in the end :o)  As you can see, there are lots of I hope you will explore these and your own...and share your ideas with us at the Shabby Shoppe!

May I purchase new date overlays for the calendar(s) I bought last year?

Well, yes AND no, lol :o)  I am happy to say that we are now offering replacement date overlays for many of our calendar versions and volumes.  If a date overlay is available - you will be able to find it in our calendar section, or HERE!  Please understand that we simply cannot update every calendar we have ever offered, especially as we begin to 'retire' older volumes :o)  We do not receive lots of requests for these as most of our customers wish to send out a new and fresh calendar to friends and family each year (or create one for themselves).  But, it is a courtesy/convenience that we wanted to offer you guys :o)  Of course, when shopping for our DATE sure to read the description thoroughly so you purchase the correct product for your calendar.

I am working with your CD CASE CALENDAR and my print will not fit in the 'sticks out' of the top!

We have been asked this question a few times, so I thought it might be helpful to add it here! Our CD calendar pages are sized to fit standard and slim jewel cases. Fortunately, these are generally a standardized product without much variation in size. I have personally worked with at least 8 different brands in the past four years, and have yet to have an issue with sizing :o) So, if you are assembling your CD calendar and find that the page is 'sticking out' the top a little bit...this is probably because the page has not been pushed down all the way. There is generally a 'ridge' that goes across the bottom of the clear portion of the case (typically would be on the side...but once we flip our cases, it will be at the bottom of the frame area). You will want to be sure and push your page past this ridge and all the way to the bottom. It can be a little tricky keeping the page under the tabs AND over the ridge (he he, I know)...but I promise it will work :o)

My POCKET CALENDAR insert is too large (or too small) for my planner/calendar - what do I do?

Although we try to create our pocket calendar insert templates at a 'standard' size...there is quite a bit of variation in the marketplace. I have purchased different brands each year...and find they are all a little different. And, unfortunately, with these products - I cannot recommend a specific there really isn't a 'brand' that can be found everywhere. These tend to be very 'generic' items. So, what I can do is offer you a couple of suggestions, and let you know how I make mine work each year! Before I begin, I wanted to let you know that you can find more detailed (and illustrated) assembly instructions and sizing tips for our pocket calendars HERE!  So, let's see...assuming the cover print is too can always just trim some of the excess away. That is what I did this year. The planners that I purchased were quite a bit smaller (same width...just not as tall) than those I have worked with in the past. As a result, I had to do quite a bit of trimming...but fortunately, it worked out and looked just fine. I suggest that you trim more off the back when possible so that the front still looks perfect. Another option is to resize your cover in your graphics program. If the proportions are the same...then that should work great! Finally...something I LOVE to adhere the cover to a solid piece of cardstock (that has been trimmed to perfectly fit the planner/calendar). This gives the calendar a very finished and polished look...and creates a nice frame. This is also my favorite suggestion if your print is smaller than your planner! Of course, you could also size it up a little if necessary...without losing quality (I would not recommend enlarging too much because at a point, you will see some loss...but if increasing just a little...there is generally no noticeable loss).

I do not want to print and bind my two page calendar at home, do you have any suggestions for printing companies?

Most of you guys know by now that I am a huge fan of WHCC for printing my layouts and photos. However, they do not offer a calendar I found myself asking this same question! So, I have worked with MPIX for my TWO page calendar printing and have been quite pleased. You can find out more about their calendars HERE! Keep in mind that you must download their press products software...but I found the process to be very simple. And, the pricing was very competitive and reasonable in my opinion...especially considering how expensive ink is...and how much you will go through in printing all twenty five pages...not to mention having it bound at the same time (CONVENIENCE lol). A couple of things to keep in mind...when printing on STOCK/PRESS paper...your layouts/prints/photos will not be as vibrant and 'sharp' as when printing on photo paper (but it is also way less expensive). For me, this is an acceptable trade-off for the ability to write on my calendar pages easily...and to have the calendar a little less bulky and weighty. Finally, the MPIX software can be a little confusing as their 'bottom' pages/grids are not editable. However, there is a work-around...and that is to simply place your bottom page on TOP of the MPIX bottom pages. I have had several printed...and all turned out perfectly. You can read this THREAD for more info on this matter...and printing in general (it's a LONG read - he he). Of course, you may also contact customer service at MPIX for help with your order. I highly suggest this if you have ANY questions, concerns or problems with creating your calendar with their software (be sure to ask BEFORE submitting your order to avoid any disappointment or delay). I hope you understand that I cannot answer emails about their order process...all I can do is let you know that I worked with them and everything was WONDERFUL :o) I had to email several times with questions and they were always very prompt with their replies! Of course, there are many other printing options...including local print and graphic shops...and other online printing companies. So, do a little research and see which option works best for YOU!

Can you tell me the names of the fonts you worked with on a calendar?

GOOD NEWS :o)  We always include this information in your download as a resource!  We know that many of you like to coordinate fonts, so we share that information with you!  In our more recent calendar volumes, there will be a .txt file named FONT INFORMATION - in this file, we also share with you the name of the kit we worked with for each calendar month/page.  In older calendar volumes, the font names might be in a .jpg file or in the terms of use file :o)


~*~below, you will find photos of our various calendars ~ we hope these inspire you~*~

This being our fifth year to release calendars, I've heard lots of great ideas from customers and friends...and have come up with a few of my own as well - and thought it would be fun to share some of those with everyone!

--One of my favorites ideas for the ONE PAGE calendars is to NOT create the entire year in advance (or well, do both...create the full calendar for gifts and for the office, etc.)...and instead, create each page when it is current.  This allows you to keep it completely up-to-date.  Because, while we know birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. in advance...of course we cannot always predict doctor appointments, vet appointments, baby due dates, etc. a full year ahead of time.  So, create your monthly calendar page just in time for the first of the month...adding in all applicable appointments and events including doc appointments, sports practice, music and dance lessons, movie night, etc.  Then, either email or print (or both) the page and give it to your family members so that everyone knows the schedule ahead of time :o)  A great way to keep your busy family organized!  And, our CALENDAR DOODLES would be PERFECT if you choose to do this as it will help you illustrate all of your events (especially great for the younger kids)

--I've had customers tell me about this fun idea with our CD calendars.  They love to GIFT the cd calendars to friends and family, but instead of including all of the months at once...they gift the cd case along with the cover and January page.  Then, each month, they mail (or hand deliver) the next page out along with 'fresh' photos and an update on the family/children/etc.  It's a great way to stay in touch with close family and friends...and to give a gift that keeps on giving lolol!

--binding!  I am asked about binding quite a bit, especially when a customer is having a difficult time locating a local print shop that can do the binding.  Well, I LOVE binding my calendars (and mini albums, too!) with metal binder/book rings and ribbons!  The calendar remains functional...and super pretty to boot!  You can also use twine or string to create a binding...just use your imagination and have fun with it.

--cardstock!  I love mounting/adhering my calendar pages to solid cardstock.  For me - it just provides a very polished and finished look.  This is especially true with the cd and pocket calendars.  When I decide to mount my CD pages on cardstock - I first decrease their size (about 1/4 - 1/8" on each side) in my graphics program before they are already sized to fit a cd case perfectly.  This way, when you cut your cardstock to fit the cd case, you will have a little bit of an edge around the edge of your calendar page...allowing the cardstock to create a border/frame.

--A lot of our customers purchase our TWO PAGE calendars just for the 'tops' so that they can create hard bound coffee table books with the 11x8.5" pages.  The tops of our TWO PAGE calendars have no reference to dates, calendars, etc.  You have the option of adding the 'month wordart' that we provide as separate .png files - but that is only an option.  So, the top pages can definitely be used as piece-a-cake pages for creating 11x8.5" albums and books! 

--Why not frame your POSTER CALENDAR(S)?  Since they are sized at 11x14", you can easily find frames to showcase them!  They are truly works-of-art, especially once you add your precious why not treat them as such?

--Many customers find that our POCKET CALENDARS will also fit their checkbook covers!  Of course, this will not always work, but it might be worth measuring to see if yours will!  And, see the FAQ above about adjusting your POCKET CALENDAR covers to make them fit...even when it appears they won't work :o)


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